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LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz Full GAME 3 Highlights | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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The Clippers roll past the Jazz 132-106 in Game 3 to cut Utah’s series lead to 2-1!

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CP3 vs Rondo
Booker vs PG
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This is the Clippers' best chance to go deep in the playoffs - Tim Legler | KJZ

Tim Legler joins the KJZ guys to discuss Nikola Jokic's ejection and the Clippers' chances of coming back to beat the Jazz.
0:00 Legler disagrees with the decision to eject Jokic and believes his squeaky clean reputation should have come into play.
1:51 What are the Los Angeles Clippers' chances of moving on past the Utah Jazz?
3:34 If the Jazz win the series vs. the Clippers, what does the future hold for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George?

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Jet Emoji : he smacked the guy in the face.... full force...
Justin Waters : The Jokic foul wasn't excessive contact, but his motive is why he got ejected. That was a frustration foul because the ref missed a call and even though it's normal to get frustrated, when you physically take out your anger on another player, that crosses the line. Plus, Cam Payne wasn't even the one who fouled him - it was Ayton.
Michael Barnes : This is the best chance for the Flippers to win it all…..but they won’t capitalize on it in the slightest lol
K P : Refs have money on the game that's why
Zico Money : Jazz have no chance




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