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vb.net: Nginx 관리자 프로그램 만들기 Part 1 #visual basic #nginx

Visual Basic (vb.net) 을 사용하여 nginx 웹 서버를 관리하는 프로그램을 만드는 내용의 영상입니다.

# Visual Studio 2019 Community 설치

# Nginx 웹 서버 설치


Windows 10 (1809)
Visual Studio 2019 Community

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How to Export Programs as '.exe' (Visual Basic 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006)

This is how you export your program as an executable file, no coding required! If you need any help, or for some reason it doesn't work, just leave me a comment or a personal message.

Steps (in order):

1. Select 'Project',
2. Then select '(Your Project Name) Properties',
3. Then select 'Publish' from the menu to the left,
4. Then where it says 'Install Mode and Setting' select 'The application is available online only',
5. Then select 'Prerequisites',
6. Then uncheck 'Create setup program to install prerequisite components' at the top,
7. Then select 'Options',
8. Then select 'Deployment' from the menu to the left,
9. Then uncheck 'Use ".deploy" file extension',
10. Then go ahead and publish!

Please take the time to rate, and also subscribe and I plan to make more tutorials, and other videos focused on Visual Basic in the future.

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#vb 프로그램


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